TS220 Budget Photo Booth Package (White)


TS220 Budget-Friendly Package Inclusions:

-This monolight includes all the power cords, bulbs, and sync cords needed to get started.
-Perfect for people or object photography.
-The budget solution for studio flash power
-Rapid .5
-2 second recycle with audio and LED alert

-SC Series flash hot adapter is applicable to the flasher unable to be directly in contact with camera, making it connect with the camera to ensure the effect to synchronously flash with the camera.
This product is small in volume, good-looking exterior and reliable in performance, it will truly provide convenience for photographers, and it’s very easy to use, Just slide the PC sync Adapter into the shoe shot and you will have a PC outlet.


Lenovo C470 21.5″ Touchscreen All-in-One PC or Touch Screen Monitor with Mini PC
-The C470 comes pre-installed with the intuitive Windows 8.1 operating system. An evolution of the Home Screen used in previous Windows generations, the new Start Screen is based around Live Tiles, which put your most used information, apps, software and files within easy access as soon as you turn on.Navigating Windows is easy; simply move around with the track pad and flip between the Home Screen, software and browser tabs using convenient gestures, such a three-fingered swipe to move between tabs or a pinching motion to zoom.Windows 8.1 includes familiar additions and enhanced functionality, including the re-introduction of the start button, improvements to search and extensive customization options.

Q: What else you need to complete this package?

A: We took out the camera for those who want’s to use their own DSLR camera.

1 Year Warranty

6 Months Tutorial & Tech Support



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